About Noodle Doodle (Patent Pending)

Noodle Doodle is a new way to doodle and a new way to make Doodle ArtPeople have sketched and doodled since the beginning of time. Doodling is essential to visually expressing spontaneous concepts and creative impulses. In order to doodle, you don’t have to be an accomplished painter–or even know how to draw. Doodling is for everyone, young and old, and offers many known benefits including: promoting concentration, increasing productivity, fostering new ideas and creative thinking, better performance, stress reduction, more effective learning, and, particularly for children, doodling can lead to better fine motor function and control.  

About Scott Williams Snell

Hi, my name is Scott and I am the inventor of Noodle Doodle. I love woodworking, creating and inventing things. I have been working for 20+ on Internet search and marketing related projects and I contributed to the early success of the Internet’s first cost-per-click, auction-based search-advertising system at GoTo.com. In addition, I’ve worked in a variety of fields including product management, sales operations, online marketing, software engineering, content management, web analytics and workflow automation. I earned my BA at UCLA and a joint MA in Asian Studies and MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. I enjoy prototyping and inventing, programming, sailing, tennis, piano and guitar, and studying history and science. I was born in New York and currently reside in Los Angeles.

About Fitzgerald Williams LLC

Fitzgerald-Williams LLC endeavors to create useful, fun, educational and engaging products and services.

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